Are you adapting or are you thinking yet?

Many companies decide to copy a proven (well marketed) operating model. They believe to save time and money the others have invested in thinking and in exploration of the ideas behind it.

PURE unchains a real evolution

You simply cannot deploy an operating model to an organization and expect it to work. However, you can help an organization to turn its current operating model into a real competitive advantage. This is where the PURE Framework comes in.

It consists of five carefully designed steps. Each of them aims at specific issues, which need to be addressed in order to help a organizations to become fast learning and so highly competitive:

Focus on the goal, not the method (Klaus Leopold)

What is the purpose and the scope of the system under transformation?
How does the system perform?

We cannot solve problems at the same level of thinking that we were at when we created those problems (Albert Einstein)

Which is the proper mindset (verbalized in principles) supporting the system’s purpose and performance?

Honest disagreement is often a good sign of a progress (Mahatma Gandhi)

Is the mindset understood and agreed across the whole system? What happens in case of a mindset-violating behavior?

A bad system will beat a good employee every time (Edwards Deming)

Does our current operating model follow the mindset principles?

Nothing will kill a great employee faster than watching you tolerate a bad one (Perry Belcher)

Do we behave according to the agreed mindset principles?
Are the principles at the top of our collective mind?

Maybe you have adapted an operating model such as Scrum or SAFeTM, however your expectations haven’t been quite fulfilled yet. In such case the PURE Framework is the right choice for you to fix this: Turn your operating model into a competitive advantage with PURE.

PURE in a nutshell

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